Monday, May 30, 2011

The Simplicity of Solar Heating and Air Conditioning and a Fast Car to Boot

The Stirling Cycle Heat Pump Heat Sink Combo - The Stirling Cycle, with the need of a
 hot side and a cold side, can be incorporated anywhere there is a heat source and a heat
 sink. The Sun, focused into a conical ring, is sent directly into the engine. The underground
 heat sink is an underground system of three tanks of water one heated by an above ground
 solar powered heat pump and heat exchangers, valves and the other cooled by another
 underground solar powered heat pump.  An underground tank and heat pump system
moves heat from the first tank (cold sink) by refrigeration and the underground Stirling
cycle heat pump to the second tank (hot sink). The above ground solar powered heat
pump chills the cold side of the Sterling engine to boost horse power using the night
time source tank (hot sink) to dump the heat of the sun. Add to that the heat from the building. With
it's own heat pump or with a new integrated Stirling cycle heat pump that is connected into
the hot sink tank all day long. Then the hot tank as the source and the cold tank as the sink
are then used for making electricity and heating or cooling day and night. the cold source
is also used to make fresh water condensed right out of the air.
   With anaerobic digestion of all of you personal organic waste to produce methane gas to
power your car. this way your home can heat and cool itself and power your car for free.
Plus if you use my hybrid electric car designs you car will power your house when you are
home and the sun will power it when you are gone.
    And with my engine designs described below you can get 375 HP and 125 MPG or 750
HP + 75 MPG.
My engine design would eliminate crashes caused by inertia overcoming down force and
tire friction. My engine is actually 4 engines 2 have 6-fold and the other 2 have 8-fold
symmetry. this way they don't need the excess weight of a fly wheel. The 3 of the engines
 (2 Stirling cycle and 1steam engine) run on the waste heat of the first engine except when you
start your car. Then the sterling gyros use the homemade methane to run. The Stirling
Cycle and Steam Engine utilizes external combustion and/or direct or focused solar heat
and is not very sensitive to fuel mixtures, the amount of refining, or meeting narrow
performance specifications.The 8-fold symmetry allows them to spin immediately without a
battery. They have an integrated alternator and Produce power to the starter for the internal
combustion engine.* So your car wouldn't need a battery except that it smooths the
power output and makes electricity in case you run out of gas. The Stirling's also act as
gyros. As the gyros are tilted** with the steering wheel, they will force the car to follow
the precessional arc the gyros will follow, eliminating tire scrub as well.
 Go to!/profile.php?id=100001969591306 to get an idea of where I'm coming from.
Friend me to see pictures of a 4500 HP with ?MPG? partially assembled in Jay Leno's

*I designed it for Hydrogen, certain biofuels from waste vegitable oil or alcohol not from food sources**** .
* If you use gasoline, diesel, or a biofuel or alcohol from food sources in my engine it will void the warranty. period. I'm funny that way.
Used oil and some bio fuels**** NOT from food sources are permissible.

** with controls to compensate for various rpm during maneuvers so the arc always match
the front wheel arcs.
*** photoshoped( actually Maya)
**** see my second blog: no boondoggles
If repairs are required it will be determined, through a collection of ways, as to whether or not you are

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